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          Leaving a Postive Impression upon your Home;  Life & Property

FPI Services is a Real Estate customer and Client Service and home improvement company, and I will do my best to help you meet your home renovations; home repairs; all Home Sales, or guide you in your home/property purchase process.

Please email or call and lets see if & how FPI Services may be of service to you.

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FPI Services  (Foote Print Impression)

Leaving a Postive Impression upon your home, life & property.

website:  www.fpiservices.com

Greater Detroit area - Serving Macomb & Oakland counties.  

Email  fpi-services@outlook.com

phone:  (586) 530-6076

Mail: FPI Services
        P.O. Box 1557
        Troy,  MI 48099
FPI  Services

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